About Us.

MJ's Reveal Remodeling

MJ’s Reveal Remodeling has been serving the DMV area for around two years as a growing company, and myself, the owner, have worked as a project director for three years with Reveal Remodeling and Repair. The owner of Reveal Remodeling and Repair, Barb Kinlin, gave me the opportunity and the support to start MJ’s, since as an immigrant,      I had to grow from the very bottom.

I started in 2004 working in the family business, Yanes Drywall, which is successfully running to the date, and I stayed there for six years. Times where good, but I was looking forward to learning more about remodeling and the construction process. I decided to start a new learning journey, so I took English and Electricity courses that open doors for me to work as a handyman. I stayed working as a handyman for two years and I did my best to sharpen my skills.

With time I felt more confident and being a young man with work experience and great references, got me a position as crew member of Reveal Remodeling and Repair. Back then the owner was Betty Sparkman and I worked with her for three years on residential projects, until she moved out to Mississippi and left the company to Barb Kinlin, who evaluated my skills and determined I was qualified to direct the projects. We worked on additions and remodeling such as bathrooms, kitchens, decks and so forth.

In 2017, I married my wife Josselyn and it seemed like time of more responsibility, time to grow and time to plan the future. Therefore, when Barb Kinlin announced her retirement, I saw the need to become independent. Barb knows the quality and professionalism of the crew’s work and she kept motivating us and always expressed her desire for us to do our best. All these things made me take a step and that is how I established MJ’s Reveal Remodeling LLC. Today I can say I owe my professional growth to these people above, who gave me opportunities, knowledge, and taught me everything I know; they have my respect, admiration, and gratitude

Along my career, I have been part of a friendly, warm and professional environment, that allowed me to persevere and reach my professional goals, consequently, I would like to offer the same to other. I want my company and my work to be defined by excellence, professional customer service and a relationship with my clients focused on their needs and expectations. If you were to choose us, we will work hard every day in order to please. Now we currently offering handyman services and residential remodeling services.

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- Shamika Smith​